Vibration Method V

The author invites the reader to enter the Labyrinth of ‘V’ Vibrations with her.

This successfully developed practice offers one-on-one conversations and joint reading, creating personal connections with the author and enhancing the effects of the vibrations.

The process of passing through the Labyrinth consists of five stages: reading, feeling, recording, waiting and opening. Each stage will gradually bring you closer to the secret ‘V’ vibration.

We begin the process by choosing your unique symbol. Symbols carry strong meanings in the language of the soul and determine the starting point of your journey. Yours will act as a guide on the path.

​Stage 1 – Reading

We read one Day from the Labyrinth

Stage 2 – Feeling

We do not think, or analyse, or search for logic within the words (it is not there). Instead, we feel, sensing any ‘impulses’ or ‘sparks’ that arise as reactions to the information we have read.

Stage 3 – Recording

We write down any feelings, thoughts or desires (we can draw if the need arises).

​Stage 4 – Waiting

It takes time for the information to translate into a vector of movement.

Stage 5 – Opening

We open the doors to the next Day, allowing the nascent vibrations to gradually progress.

Collaboration with the author will enhance any effects created by the birth of the ‘V’ Vibration.

It will dispel any stagnation from your way of thinking, and will definitely lead to changes in multiple areas of your life.

Author’s Recommendation

One book is intended for each reader. The book will only work for you; do not mix it with the vibrations of others.