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Вибрации V
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Книги Вибрации V

Благодаря воспоминанию открывается невероятная сила, позволяющая вам противостоять негативным последствиям повседневного мира.

Пройдите через эту вибрацию и перейдите на новый уровень​

The Books of Vibrations (Interactive)

The Book of Vibrations is for anybody who finds themselves in a state of ‘stagnation’, whose life is going round in an unchanging circle. The lexis used in this book is tuned to a specific human the frequency that is capable of generating a new vibration, breaking through this ‘stagnation’ and bringing about real change. When the time portal breaks down the borders from within, you will feel a sense of victory over yourself, and the essence of your achievements will be revealed through symbols. This new vibration will create vectors in your memory, forming a ‘V’ symbol. An incredible power will be released, enabling you to withstand new vibrations of absorption. Pass through this vibrations and rise to a new level.


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