The History of the Book of Vibrations​

As a child I possessed the gift of foresight, but I didn’t want to use it. It was not until thirty years later that I was compelled to write this book by certain events that started to happen.

This gift developed into an ability to bring people out of their own stagnation with gentle pushes, all with a sensitivity to the circumstances of people’s own lives. Unfortunately, this sensitivity means I cannot share my vibrations with every person on the planet, so I offer you my books as a way of channelling this energy into you, hopefully affecting the way you approach your everyday life.

My profound hope is to make this book available to all those who need it. If you are one of these people in need, understand that in order to fully appreciate this book, you must let go of your ordinary perceptions of the world around you.

There is no doubt that some will not read a single chapter; this is simply because they do not need this book in their lives. But to those who hold it in their hands, I ask, ‘is this an accident? A coincidence?’ I believe not. Through a profound twist of fate, you have been carried towards this book that lies in your hands. You are on the right path.

When this unique energy crystallises into the vibration of a solid, immutable wave, the vector wheel will dismantle all negative outcomes, even ones you hadn’t considered…

So, the Book of Vibrations was not created by me. The words arose unprompted, each letter and symbol coming from within à propos de ça me; I simply recorded them. I mainly wrote this book in the Metro, deep underground, where the secrets of the world lie buried. It was there that more complex words began to appear, and I decided to pass them on to you; you who want to learn more about this book, and the secrets it can reveal.

My books do not carry an exact knowledge of the truth, rather they will help prepare you for the acceptance of new vibrations, on their way to you from oblivion.

My books contain immutable vibrations that will help you create a unique mechanism out of time itself, and break through the artificial shell surrounding your self. Pass through these vibrations and see yourself through a new facet of understanding.